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Here’s the Proposed New Design For the LA Convention Center

cc3The city panel tasked with recommending a design for the total overhaul of the Los Angeles Convention Center has spoken, and they’ve picked the design from Populous and HMC Architects, a plan that blew away the other two competitors (pairings of Gensler/Lehrer Architects and AC Martin Inc./LMN Architects) in terms of vividness, with a bright, largely red palette. The Downtown News reports that the winning design will include some big new additions for the old, outdated convention center.

Significant elements of the HMC/Populous design include a new structure over Pico Boulevard that would link up the center’s South Hall with its West Hall; that structure would include several levels of meeting space along an airy courtyard. The new version of the West Hall would also feature an “outdoor ballroom” accented by a statement staircase connecting to the outdoor area from Gilbert Lindsay Plaza, between Pico Boulevard and the Staples Center on Figueroa.

The top of the West Hall would also have a large ballroom with adjoining open-air terraces and massive skylights. (A 2011 report foundthe convention center was sorely lacking in both outdoor and indoor space where convention-goers could gather informally.)

The ball is in the LA City Council’s court now. Once they approve the panel’s recommendation, the Bureau of Engineering would step in to set up a contract with HMC/Populous.

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