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No Seasoning on Foreign National Loan

ForeignNationalThe hassles and costs of buying investment properties in the US as a foreign national are well known. A patchwork of rules, tax issues, and negotiations are necessary, and locating reliable financing can be difficult. What’s worse, most US financial institutions are hesitant to move at the rapid pace that global businesses requires these days. Investment opportunities can pop up and then vanish long before the endless waiting periods and seasoning requirements are fulfilled, leaving foreign investors to simply curse their luck and hope for a quicker process.

However, there is fortunately another, better way. CALCAP Lending, LLC is now offering Foreign National Investment Loans aimed at solving just that very problem. Whatever your plans for your investment property may be – to buy and hold, to sell quickly, or even to live in – CALCAP will guarantee close within seven to ten days. With such a rapid turnaround, a whole host of opportunities are available to you. Auctions, foreclosure sales, short sales, or simply high-priority or urgent traditional sales are now possibilities even for foreign investors, with up to a million dollars in loans available. What’s more, up to sixty percent of the loan to value is available to be leveraged, which can alleviate liquidity problems or enable the acquisition of additional properties.

Among the benefits of the Foreign National Investment Loan are its quite reasonable terms and conditions, set with the foreign investor in mind. Applicants are not required to possess a US FICO score nor do you have to undergo an income verification process. Two months of bank statements are necessary, though of course statements from foreign banks are welcomed. It is also necessary for borrowers to produce valid passport documentation in order to ensure compliance with US laws and policies. Finally, these loans are provided and intended solely for use in the acquisition, renovation, and/or construction of investment properties in the United States.

CALCAP Lending, LLC is dedicated to providing top-flight residential financing services to property and loan investors interested in short- and mid-term investment financing. A small boutique firm located in Southern California, our team has decades of experience originating, structuring, and offering loans. Our expertise and unparalleled customer service focus will serve you well in your property investments. Contact us today so we can get your money working for you in the US real estate market – we’ll get your property to close in under a week!

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