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This One-Bedroom Stucco Hut in Venice is Asking $2.2 Million

IN15099179_0The unstoppable juggernaut that is Venice real estate horrified us all when a crappy-looking, rundown beach cottage with a rear apartment unit sold for $1.44 million last year. Where’s the ceiling on this madness? Here to search a little farther for the answer to that question is this 1,056-square-foot, one-bedroom house, which sits on .13 acres west of Lincoln (that’s good!), and is asking a ballsy $2.2 million.

It must be so exhausting to try and sell a nice-looking house in not-Venice—hiring a real photographer and staging the place with modern art and handsome throw pillows sounds like so much work. In Venice, selling even the most modest stucco hut is simple: take four photos of the for-sale shack, leave your finger in three of them, misspell the famous nearby shopping street as “Abbot Kenny,” write a three-sentence listing that mentions the magic words (“Great potential For rebuild”), and wait patiently for the money train to pull into You Town. It probably won’t take long.

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